Daily Rates

*Rates Are Subject To Change

$21.99 /Per 24 Hrs

$22.99 /Per 24 Hrs

$21.99 /Per 24 Hrs

$24.99 /Per 24 Hrs

In rare instances customers may be sent to an another MasterPark Location during times of high occupancy.

Masterpark tries to accommodate but cannot guarantee reservations for full size trucks and large vehicles. ​

Because MasterPark provides valet parking services, we are not able to accept Motorcycles, Dual Wheel Trucks, One Ton Trucks, Campers, RV's, Trailer's or Ignition Lock Vehicles.​


MasterPark charges, taxes, and fees include a Living Wage surcharge. This is due to the $19.71 per hour minimum wage requirement for certain businesses in SeaTac (as of 1/1/2024). The surcharge covers a portion of the resulting increase in operating costs.

All rates are per 24-hour day. Following the 24-hour period a $5.00 hourly rate applies up to the daily rate charged. Rates, taxes and fees are subject to change.

MasterPark has four SeaTac Airport parking locations adjacent to the airport entrances:

SeaTac Airport Parking Locations

LOT A 18220 International Blvd. SeaTac, WA 98188 (206) 242-1111
LOT B 2907 South 170th Street SeaTac, WA 98188 (206) 444-0500
LOT C 16025 International Blvd. SeaTac, WA 98188 (206) 444-9200
Garage 16826 International Blvd. SeaTac, WA 98188 (206) 244-2400

For more details see our Map and Directions to SeaTac Airport Parking.

 MasterPark locations are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

When customers drop off their vehicle at MasterPark, a shuttle departs within minutes for the designated Dropoff/Pickup area at SeaTac Airport. Customers return to the designated area when arriving back from their trip and call for the shuttle via courtesy phone or via mobile to the location phone number on the claim check. A MasterPark shuttle will arrive and return you to your vehicle.

MasterPark accepts all major credit/debit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

No, but they are encouraged. SeaTac Airport parking is at a premium during holiday periods.

Go to our SeaTac Parking Reservations page. Complete the required information form and submit. A confirmation  will be sent to your e-mail address.

Yes, all four of our SeaTac parking facilities are well lit and enclosed within security fencing. In addition, all locations have 24 hour monitored video surveillance.

Courtesy Vehicle pick-up/drop-off at the airport is located on the 3rd floor of the parking garage.  Pick up is at islands #1 or #3. Call from the courtesy phone located on the island or via mobile to the phone number listed on the claim check to request pick up. A shuttle will arrive within minutes. Our bright yellow shuttles have a Lot designation of A, B, C, or G, in the right hand corner of the windshield. 

Go to our Rewards Sign-up page. Complete the required information, and you start accumulating points towards free parking in the future.

 Click here to go to our Contact-Us page. On our Contact Us link there is a list of key personnel e-mail addresses and phone numbers to answer any question or concern you may have.

MasterPark Rewards Program rewards loyal customers for parking with us.  Members earn points for every dollars spent, before taxes and fees. Points earned are redeemed for free parking at any of our four MasterPark locations. Click here for Program Terms & Conditions.

Redemption Conversion Table

Location Points Needed For 1 Free Day
Garage 250
LOT A 230
LOT B 230
LOT C 230

Go to the Rewards tab on our website, fill out the required information and submit. An e-mail will be sent to you as confirmation. You will start earning points immediately.

MasterPark Rewards Program accumulates points for vehicles registered in your online account. Vehicles can be added and removed by clicking on “registered vehicles” in your profile.

MasterPark Rewards Program rewards our loyal guests for parking with us. Park at any of our four locations, points earned on dollars spent not including taxes and fees.

Members can review point balances and update account information in their profile on the Rewards page of the website.

Members redeem rewards points via the cashier at our checkout counter upon return for their vehicle.

No, our cashier will review your account and apply points earned towards free parking upon request at checkout.

Points earned are used in lieu of cash in one day increments to pay for parking. Points earned cannot be redeemed for cash.

Accounts that have no activity  within a 365 day period will be deactivated and points will expire. Reward points aged longer than 18 months expire based on first in, first out basis. This is effective August 1, 2023. We encourage you to redeem points for free parking.

Points are redeemed in “full day” increments up to the guest’s account balance. Any amount due over the points applied  will be the responsibility of the customer.

Rewards points are not transferable.

Our point-of-sale system tracks points earned for vehicle license plate numbers provided in the member’s profile of the rewards program. Members can register more than one vehicle to earn points on their account.

Yes, members can redeem points earned at any of the four MasterPark locations.