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MasterPark has offered SeaTac Airport parking service in the Seattle/Tacoma area for over 20 years. We began with a single parking location, and today we have grown to a total of five SeaTac locations, and over 5,500 parking spaces.

When we first opened our goal was to provide premium valet parking and shuttle service, and to make SeaTac airport parking easy, fast, and pain-free. Today our goal remains the same; and that has made MasterPark the number 1 airport parking provider in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Over the past 25 years, we've built customer loyalty by finding innovative ways to make airport parking as effortless as possible for both leisure and business travelers. We offer a level of reliability, comfort, and customer service that competitors simply can't match.

MasterPark's Airport Parking Garage
Customer Testimonials
"Outstanding customer service. While I was on the shuttle to the airport from Lot A I realized I'd left my cell phone in my car. The driver, Pedro, radioed the lot (remembering my car make/color) and another employee, Anthony, sprinted up the street and caught up with the bus at a red light and gave me my cell phone. Really impressed with the great customer service. Thank you, Pedro & Anthony!!!" Sue L. (Facebook)
"MasterPark is just a great business. It costs LESS to park your car here than at the airport parking. It's quick and easy - you just pull in and they'll give you your ticket, then you take a 5 minute bus ride to the airport; when you return you call them and they'll send the bus to pick you up and have your car waiting for you when you get to the lot. Everyone there is competent, efficient, and eager to please. I haven't parked anywhere else on my out-of-town trips since I discovered MasterPark." Carol M.
"I'm always a bit stressed when I fly. It's great to know that I don't have to be stressed about my car. MasterPark is the quality of a valet service in the middle of travel chaos. I'm very appreciative." Julie F. (Facebook)
"Convenient... staff very courteous, always on time... help with luggage... rates reasonable. Once you have tried the service you will continue each time you Travel." Chris C. (Facebook)
"Nothing else comes close to the quality of the service you get at Masterpark. The process of dropping off your car is super easy and fast, the shuttles move you quickly to the airport and the staff are all very professional and friendly." Bill G. (Yelp)
"SO EASY! I will never bother someone to come pick me up at the airport again. I had a coupon and it was about 14 bucks a day (I was gone 2 days). After a long day of flying getting greeted with a bottle of water, your luggage in your car and a smile was everything I could ask for and more." Carly L.
"The drivers were both awesome and so helpful with me, I needed extra help as I use a cane and they did it all for me. I will use you guys again!" Collene R.
"Great way to save a few bucks on airport parking and minimize the hassle. Had an early morning flight, they got me there in no time. When I returned, they had my car ready to go with the trunk open for my bags." Andrew P.
"Used MasterPark Lot A just this past weekend and loved it. We pulled up and recieved a friendly greeting. In no time, we were at our terminal and off to Vegas. Return trip was just as smooth, we were to our car and on the road less than a half-hour after landing. Amazing! Staff was friendly, and the printed web coupon worked without a hitch. Why haven't I done this before?!" Elizabeth K.
One of our longtime friends is Sunny Kobe Cook, motivational speaker and a super MasterPark customer. See her wonderful blog about SeaTac parking at MasterPark here on our website.
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